Twisted Sister Designs by Angel​

Original and custom one-of-a-kind jewelry
  1. A Star Is Born
    A Star Is Born
  2. Blush
  3. The One
    The One
  4. Queen Beach
    Queen Beach
  5. Gone Coastal
    Gone Coastal
  6. Treasure Trove
    Treasure Trove
Featured Pieces

Ivy League

I enjoyed making this piece for several reasons. I was able to first and foremost get back to my original roots, which is working with sea glass (see my bio for significance). I've seen a lot of sea glass but none like this one. I think it is kind of magical in that it seems to have internal lights. The materials I used with this unique and beautiful piece of sea glass are fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals. I used a combination of techniques to bring this piece together: wire wrap, wire sculpture, and wire weave. This piece is (as all of my pieces are) one of a kind. 
Treasure Trove

As many of my pieces are, this piece is clearly sea-inspired. I used fresh water pearls, rice pearls, Swarovski crystals, shells, beads and a combination of wires to create this necklace. Florida has been the vacation destination for my husband and me for years. The sea, sand and flora are awe-inspiring and ever changing. The sights, sounds and smells not only delight all of ones' senses but seem to calm and rejuvenate the soul. My intention when making this piece was to try to translate some of that beauty into my art.